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Prayer Update 6-4-2017


Prayer Warrior

Hello, prayer warriors…

New Prayer Requests:


Vicki Miller wife of Mike Miller:  Just diagnosed with breast cancer and waiting for treatment options.  Please pray fervently for wisdom and a cure.

Larry  Turman:  Released from hospital after several brain bleeds.  Please pray that all the blood will be absorbed and that he will be completely healed with no further problems.

Kathy Vick’s friend Jeanette:  Feeling discouraged as she sees no signs that her cancer is improving.  Continuing chemo and in need of prayers for her to live in peace within God’s will.

Linda Cox:  wife of Boyd is in hospital for serious internal issues and pain.   Please pray for a specialist with wisdom who can find answers for them and for their fears to be relieved.

Please continue to hold the following people in your prayers as they fight on-going, serious problems.

Ernie Lovegren – artery blockage

Ralph Armstrong – hole in his heart

Gracie Dickinson – emotional issues

Diane James’daughter-in-law, Christi

Wayne Allard – colon cancer

Diane James’ daughter – custody issues

Joe Williamson – continued recovery

Karen Soltis – waiting for answers from MRI

Char Thurman – solutions for back issues

Steve Crabtree – lymphoma

Homer Johnson & Barbara – peace and assurance

Doloris Turman – breast cancer

If you know of someone in our chapel in need of prayers (even if it is YOU), please email.  Not receiving the email prayer requests?  Please let us know your email address and we’ll be pleased to add your name to the list. At this time, with Kay away, please send prayer requests to or to Judy Steinau at   Have a blessed week.